Friday, January 11, 2013

Why I Prefer Korean Cosmetics

    Since I'm self conscious about my skin, i'm always looking for ways to cover up my imperfections. By doing so, I'm not letting my skin to heal or even give it time to breath. I'm also depending more on makeup products and less on feeling comfortable in my own skin. The biggest reason why I've come to love Korean cosmetics is because I always feel like I'm exposing my real face instead of creating a new face to represent me.
     The products are light, the ingredients help improve my skin, and I don't need to put much on to get my desired look. My goal is to slowly drift away from using so much makeup products and focus more on improving my skin...I might even become more confident. ^^
     There are some cultures that don't even use makeup and they are the most beautiful people I have ever seen, the confidence they possess is absolutely beautiful.

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